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Featured Collection: Toulouse

Bakeware and dinnerware featuring the pleats so identified with Pillivuyt’s style, while the arch of the kiln door provides the inspiration for the shape of the handle. Each handle is embossed with “PILLIVUYT” as a stamp of the quality and craftsmanship behind each piece.
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Limited Edition Décor Constellation


This décor's first debut was on the culinary scene of Monaco. It... 

  • Savoir Faire

    Each piece of Pillivuyt porcelain is produced by artisans who are experts in their craft, using only the best porcelain compounds to produce the highest quality product available.

  • Since 1818

    Every item is made entirely in France, and Pillivuyt is a beacon for French excellence and expertise around the globe. 

  • Heirloom-quality

    Trusted by professional chefs and home-cooks, Pillivuyt is heirloom-quality porcelain designed for every-day use.

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Les Collections

Our most popular collections in Pillivuyt's signature white.

Les Décors

Pillivuyt decors are hand-applied before entering the kiln for a third time - guaranteeing that the designs will never scratch or fade.

Collection Générale

From bakers and roasters to souffles, tarts and gratins. Pillivuyt's Collection Générale encompasses classic shapes and timeless designs. In short, everything you need for your kitchen!

  • Simply Elegant

    We have been using the Sancerre pattern dishes, bowls, and recently coffee cups and saucers as every day ware. It’s been over 2 years and no chipping to date. There’s no delicate handling as we just stack these in the dishwasher and they look brand new after each washing. They are of high quality and strongly recommended.

    T Tarps | Customer

  • Luxurious

    Pillivuyt is the most luxurious Dishes I have ever used on our table settings. The Toulouse is a very elegant addition to our collections. You will be pleased with the design.

    Y Cordes | Customer

  • Extraordinary

    So wonderful to still have a company that manufactures these beautiful bowls, the old-fashioned way. Without exaggeration, these bowls are of heirloom quality. Absolutely worth every penny!

    G Dopf | Customer

  • Amazing

    An amazing piece of bakeware. Have had mine for 3 or 4 years and use it several times a week.

    B Snyder | Customer

French Savoir-Faire