Do you offer free shipping?

Free standard shipping is available on orders $250+ delivered within the US starting January 16, 2023. Use code FREESHIP at checkout. Discount cannot be combined with other offers. Sorry, if code is not used at checkout, the discount cannot be retroactively applied.

Is Pillivuyt lead and cadmium free?

Pillivuyt products undergo rigorous testing and comply with California Prop 65 standards of food contact safety. The results of these food contact safety tests confirm that lead and cadmium are not detectable. However, trace amounts of lead and cadmium are naturally occurring in the porcelain clay, as well as in the pigments used for Pillivuyt decors. Thanks to Pillivuyt's high firing temperatures, the hardened glaze prevents any possible migration of lead and cadmium.
Decorated pieces undergo a third firing at high temperatures which traps the pigments under the glaze and prevents the migration of lead and cadmium. There is no danger to the health of the consumer or contamination of food. Pillivuyt values safety and quality which makes our products a trustworthy choice. 

Who can I contact about vintage Pillivuyt pieces?

The Porcelain Museum in Mehun-sur-Yevre, France (Pillivuyt’s home), is an excellent resource for inquiries about vintage Pillivuyt dishes. They can help answer questions about shapes and decors that are no longer in production.
Email: chateau.museecharles7.mehunsuryevre@wanadoo.fr


How are dimensions measured?

Dimensions shown online are measured from top edge to top edge, not including the handles for items like bakers and eared dishes.

The capacity shown for each dish is the "comfortable" capacity, rather than the capacity of the dish to the very brim. For example, if your recipe is 3 quarts, a 3-quart capacity dish will comfortably hold the contents.  

Is Pillivuyt oven-safe?

Yes, all Pillivuyt dishes are oven-safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Dishes can also be safely used under a broiler. 

Is Pillivuyt thermal-shock resistant?

Yes, Pillivuyt dishes can be safely transferred from the freezer to a preheated oven without harm.

Is Pillivuyt safe to use in the dishwasher and microwave?

Yes, Pillivuyt is dishwasher and microwave safe. The only exception would be items decorated with precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. For these items, we recommend hand-washing and avoiding microwave use.

Can I use Pillivuyt dishes on the grill or over direct heat?

Some dishes can be used on the grill and over direct heat. Pillivuyt bakers and roasters can be used on the grill, simply keep a small amount of liquid or fat in the bottom of the dish to ensure easy clean-up.

Pillivuyt Toulouse Flame-Proof Casseroles as well as Pillivuyt's Ulysses Collection are designed to be used over direct heat. The porcelain construction of these specific dishes can withstand the direct heat of gas and electric stove-tops.