Parisian Memories: Rue Montorgueil & Palais Garnier

What is your favorite memory of Paris? Mine is an early spring day that began with strolling along Rue de Montorgueil and window-shopping at all the boulangeries with their perfect pastries and gold-leaf accents. Then stopping at the corner café to people-watch and sit al fresco, just me and my latte. Even on an overcast day, the city seemed to glow with beauty and easy elegance.


The day finished with the magic of Palais Garnier where I was completely enraptured by a performance of La Fille Mal Gardée. I was completely mesmerized by the space and can't think of a more beautiful building in all of France to end my day. As I reluctantly left, Palais Garnier cast its spell on me and I know I am destined to return.
Until that opportunity comes, I am thankful for those treasured memories. Isn't it interesting how our memories are sometimes even more powerful than the experience itself?
Pillivuyt's new Ville de Paris collection seeks to awaken those memories of your perfect Parisian day. The thoughtful designs are an homage to the city itself. From artful Haussmann ironwork designs, to the cobbled streets, to the majestic Eiffel Tower - these dishes have been lovingly designed and produced by artisans in France.
Now, treat yourself to an espresso and a croissant, and start dreaming up plans for your next visit to Paris!

Ville de Paris cups and saucers

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