Toulouse Baker on the grill

Grilling with Pillivuyt

Grilling season is underway - Did you know that Pillivuyt bakers are great grilling tools? It may sound hard to believe, but Pillivuyt is designed for durability and works marvelously on the grill. Perfect for fish, meat and vegetables . . . unleash your culinary creativity! 
Here are a few tips to get you started:


Grilling with Pillivuyt - tips

We would love to hear what recipes you are trying on the grill! Our summer go-to is beautiful cuts of salmon seasoned with salt and pepper with a few sprigs of thyme for aromatics while grilling. Coat the bottom of the dish with nice olive oil and cook the salmon filets for a few minutes on each side. The result was beautifully crisp crust and velvety interior texture. The perfect summer meal to cook and enjoy outdoors. Clean up was done in a few minutes and we are ready for the next al fresco meal!
Bon appetit!
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