From the heart of France to your home kitchen | Pillivuyt stock availability in the US

From the heart of France to your home kitchen | Pillivuyt stock availability in the US

Thank you for your love and loyalty to the Pillivuyt brand. We want you to know that Pillivuyt USA is committed to supplying the best selection of Pillivuyt porcelain and that commitment remains even during these trying times. Thank you for your loyalty and patience as we all navigate through this pandemic.

Why are so many items out of stock?
Globally, the manufacturing industry has struggled to keep up with demand during the pandemic, and Pillivuyt is no exception. Pillivuyt Factory, FranceWe know it is disappointing to see that a product you have been waiting for is still not available. We ask for your continued patience as we work together with the factory to replenish our stock here in the US. Your understanding does not go unappreciated, thank you.

The Pillivuyt factory in France has responded to the demands with an increased production schedule, producing as much as possible while maintaining their high standard of quality and craftsmanship; all the while, following new and ever changing safety protocols for their craftsman.

When will my favorite Pillivuyt items be available?
We know many of you have had your eye on certain items that are sold out, and don't worry - they will be available soon! You should see most items restocked in April, with more replenishment stock arriving throughout the summer, so stay tuned!

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The Pillivuyt USA Team

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