Choosing the Right Plate Sizes for Your Table Setting

Navigating the world of plate sizes can be a bit overwhelming, but we're here to help demystify the process and make your decision-making a breeze.
 Plisse Place Setting

Our 11" plate is the most popular size for a dinner plate. It's generous without being too bulky. Complementing this, an 8.5" plate for salad creates a visually pleasing proportion when layered on top of the dinner plate. The 8.5" plate is also the perfect size for a small lunch plate. This dynamic duo will fulfill most of your dining needs.
Enhance your collection with a 6.5" plate, offering versatility for appetizers, desserts, or as a charming bread and butter plate. Elevate your table presentation by considering a 12.25" charger plate as the foundation of your place setting for a truly impactful dining experience.
In summary, a combination of 12.25", 11", 8.5", and 6.5" plates from our Plisse or Sancerre collections will cover all your place setting requirements.
If you prefer a more modest approach, opt for a combination of 12.25", 10", 7.75", and 6" plates available in our popular Sancerre collection.
Discover the perfect plate sizes to suit your style and occasion with our thoughtfully curated collections.
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